Wages 1.2.2020 (in Finnish) What is new compared to the previous collective agreement? A new supplement of late working time is made for work at late periods. From the beginning of February, this amounts to 1 euro per hour for work between 8 percent.m and 6 a.m. – If a worker has an accident at work, his right to pay for the sick period will improve as a result of the accident. In the future, workers will receive sick pay for a minimum of 4 weeks, regardless of the length of their employment. The trial period, which can be agreed at the beginning of a working relationship, has been extended to the six months currently authorized by law. Before, it was 4 months, which used to be the legal maximum. In the case of a fixed-term contract, the trial period may not exceed half the duration of the employment. Our collective agreements include exemptions from Finnish labour law and several options for deviating from the rules of collective agreements through enterprise or employment-specific agreements. If you want a printed copy of this agreement, we advise you to download the following PDF version. All collective agreements for 2020-2021 (in Finnish) In accordance with the Collective Agreement Act, the terms of the collective agreement are mandatory for our member companies. Because of the extensive coverage of the agreements and the generally restrictive rule of the employment contract law, they also bind unrelated employers in the aforementioned branches. Enterprise Finland An online service that provides information on the type of help available to businesses or entrepreneurs for the creation and development of their business. National Authority for Social Protection and Health (Valvira) Legal issues relating to the portion of alcohol.

Finnish Tax Administration Corporate Tax Information. Accommodation Services: Booking Conditions These conditions have been written by the Finnish MaRa Hospital Association and verified by the Consumer Ombudsman. The collective agreement for experience services sets minimum conditions of employment such as pay, working time and leave. Parties to the negotiations: Service Union United PAM and Finnish Hospitality Association MaRa. The collective agreement applies to workers employed by companies in the adventure services sector and covered by the Working Time Act (does not apply to the intermediation of the services of musicians and other performing artists. B, for example restaurants and clubs). 3. You will receive membership stickers via email and collective agreement books. Careful! Due to the exceptional situation caused by the Corona outbreak, WFP has agreed with the employers` organization to temporarily amend the terms of the collective agreement. They came into force on March 20. The amendments included a reduction in the notice period for dismissals, exemptions from the deadlines set out in the Cooperation Act, notification of sick leave and the right to care for a sick child under the age of 10.

You can find all the temporary changes here. In the area of adventure services, a new collective agreement has been adopted for the period 1.11.2019 – 31.10.2021. Due to the obligation to protect labour, it is forbidden to become familiar with the conditions set out in collective agreements during the duration of the contract.