In the absence of a contrary agreement, the property or equipment and equipment shipped by a State of origin to the requesting state during the assistance periods remain without prejudice and their return must be ensured without delay. Members of the regional security system also requested military and logistical assistance in the wake of natural disasters through the agreement. In the absence of a contrary agreement, the State requesting, with respect to the death or violation of persons, property or material damage caused on its territory or under its control or jurisdiction in the context of the assistance requested, must reach the following States: the Agency may enter into agreements with governmental, intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations or agencies to achieve the Agency`s objectives. In the absence of an agreement to the contrary between the requesting state and the sending state to do so, members of the disciplined forces of the sending state must be subject to the control and disciplinary authority of their commander. This article should not be construed as preventing compensation or allowances available under an international agreement or applicable national law of a participating state, nor to compel the requesting state to apply, in whole or in part, paragraph 2 of this article to its nationals or residents permanent residents. Clive Murray Communication and Education Specialist CARIBBEAN DISASTER DISASTER MANAGEMENT AGENCY (CDEMA) Resilience Way, Lower Estate St. Michael BARBADOS Tel: (246) 434-4880 Fax No: (246) 271-3660 E-Mail: Without agreement to the contrary between the parties concerned, any dispute arising from the interpretation or application of this agreement is settled by the Council. Aware of the need to complement the initiatives of the Pan-Caribbean Disaster Prevention and Prevention Project by establishing a mechanism between Caribbean states to facilitate immediate and coordinated assistance to participating states in the event of a disaster; When, at the request of a participating state, members of the disciplined armed forces are sent to a part of the territory of the requesting state, the coordinator appoints, subject to the prior express agreement of the competent authorities of the requesting state, a special coordinator among the senior officers of those armed forces, acting after consultation with the chiefs of staff or commanders of the disciplined forces concerned. Goods imported or purchased under a franchise under this article may not be sold or sold on the territory of the participating state granting the deductibles, unless it is agreed with that participating Member State.

In carrying out their duties, the coordinator and his staff do not seek or receive instruction from the government of a participating state or from a source outside the Agency. They refrain from any measures that could affect their status as international officials who are only responsible for the Agency. States listed in the appendix of this agreement; immunity from judicial proceedings with respect to the acts they will perform in the performance of their duties, unless the State they represent or the Agency expressly waives that immunity in a particular case; Develop and maintain a reliable damage assessment system and procedures to facilitate a rapid and effective assessment of national disasters; The Agency, its assets and assets enjoy immunity from court proceedings on the territory of the participating States, unless the Agency expressly lifts that immunity in a particular case. “National Aid Agency”: the government`s disaster management authority; The two entities will conduct close cooperation and consultations, where appropriate, on issues of common interest related to disaster risk management, including the mobilization of assistance.