If you choose Pay later, Klarna will assess your creditworthiness. We can search for limited credit with a credit reference agency. This search has no influence on your credit score or your chances of getting credit in the future. Klarna processes your personal data in order to meet our obligations under this Agreement and for the additional purposes set out in our Privacy Statement. The privacy policy is available here and on our website, and using Klarna services, you confirm that you have read this message. Klarna can offer offers and benefits such as discounts, special events, pre-access products, sales promotions, dealer offers, samplings and giveaways. The offers and benefits you receive will depend on your previous actions, such as the number of purchases, purchase amounts or use of Klarna Services. Klarna Checkout is a comprehensive online checkout solution that aims to increase revenue and customer loyalty. Klarna, as a single payment provider, keeps everything under one roof. You have an agreement, a point of contact, a billing file, a payment with Klarna Checkout. This agreement is for an indefinite period. It applies until it is terminated by you or us and can be terminated at any time. Just contact us under Merchant Assistance and declare that you want to transfer your contract.

We will send a transfer form that only needs to be completed and returned. Klarna is an award-winning retail finance provider. For more information about this company and its terms and conditions, please refer to www.klarna.com/uk/terms-and-conditions/ Please note that when you apply for 0% financing with Serious Readers, you enter into a direct credit application agreement with Klarna Retail Finance. We advise you to read the terms and conditions carefully before applying. Once a Klarna order has been sent (delivery status), you can view the Klarna invoice number in MultiSafepay Control under Klarna`s specific order in the details of the transaction. For your approval to be approved, the following criteria must be met. In addition, Klarna conducts an individual risk assessment of all distributors, which may, in some cases, require further documentation.