follows changes to the applicable law after the date of the agreement or after the adoption or adoption of interpretations, directives or regulations (whether they are binding on a court; the public authority or reserve bank, where it is or becomes illegal or impossible to carry out, maintain or finance the transaction under the LIBOR rate, the lessor will immediately inform the tenant of this provision and the lessor and the lessor negotiate in good faith another method of calculating the interest rate acceptable to both parties and execute the documents that are reasonably necessary to include such an alternative method of calculating the interest rate within that time. , within 30 days of the landlord`s notification date to the tenant. If the parties are unable to accept such an alternative method of calculating the interest rate in a timely manner, the tenant, the day after the rent following the expiration of those thirty (30) days, acquire all (but not less than all) of the aircraft and will pay the purchase price of the aircraft thus purchased in cash to the owner, as shown below. The purchase price of the aircraft is equal to the value of such aircraft, calculated in accordance with Schedule F, at the time of payment, as well as all rental and other amounts due on that date, plus all taxes related to the sale, as well as any other reasonable and documented expenses incurred by the renter in connection with such a sale. If the conditions set out in this paragraph are met, the owner transfers all the interest of the rental company for and for the aircraft to an AS IS BASIS. The owner is not required to make any insurance or guarantee of the condition of the aircraft and other matters and may expressly refrain from doing so. In order to meet the conditions covered in this paragraph, the lessor executes declarations of termination of the single code of trade that may reasonably be necessary to terminate any interest of the renter on and towards the aircraft. b) The documents have been duly approved, exported and delivered by the lessor and constitute valid, legal and binding agreements that can be implemented in accordance with their conditions, unless the enforcement of appeals cannot be limited under existing bankruptcy and insolvency legislation. (iii) take appropriate legal action, either in law or in court, to have the tenant execute the existing contracts of the tenancy agreement, or to claim damages for breach of that contract; (iv) terminate by the written termination of this lease, after which all the tenant`s rights to use or use the aircraft or part of it are completely suspended and removed, and the tenant immediately returns the aircraft in accordance with Section 10, but the tenant remains liable in accordance with Section 10; (v) ask the tenant to return the aircraft to a specific location in accordance with Section 10; (vi) enter the premises where the aircraft may be and take possession of the aircraft; (vii) sell or sell the aircraft for private or public sale, in bulk or in parcels, with or without notice and without prior issuance time; (viii) to keep the aircraft in full or in part idling; ix) to use the tenant`s premises for storage up to the rental, sale or sale without liability for the rental or fees; (x) collect from the tenant all costs, expenses and expenses, including legal fees and reasonable payments incurred by the lessor due to the occurrence of a default or the exercise of the lessor`s remedies; and/or (xi) of any late event, according to the terms of this tenancy, declare a “delay event” under and within the meaning of another agreement between the landlord and the tenant. The agreement of the parties on the purpose of this agreement and all the annexes are inserted by reference.