Everything I saw and learned on this trip scared me very much. There is no doubt in the global scientific community that this is a direct consequence of human activity and that the effects of climate change will worsen astronomically in the future. You know that climate change is faster than the most pessimistic scientists warned us decades ago. It has become a runaway freight train that is causing imminent disaster for all living things. Now, think of the shame that each of us will bear when our children and grandchildren realize that we had the means to stop this devastation, but that we did not have the political will to do so. Our planet can only be saved if we leave fossil fuels in the ground where they need to be. Massive changes are now needed. Something that leads to a new collective consciousness. A new collective evolution of the human race, inspired and made possible by a sense of urgency on the part of all of you. We all know that it will not be easy to reverse climate change, but the instruments are in our hands — if we use them before it is too late. The time has come to take courageous and unprecedented action. It`s time to ask — which side of the story are you going to be on? As a citizen of our planet, it`s time to stop talking.

No more excuses. More than 10 years of study. No longer allow fossil fuel companies to manipulate and dictate the science and politics that influence our future. “There is no doubt that we have all benefited from fossil fuels. I know I have it. My footprint is probably much larger than most people`s. And there are times when I wonder what to do. What steps should we take? There are more than a billion people without electricity. They want lights. They want heat. They want the lifestyle that we have had in the United States over the last hundred years.

If we want to solve this problem, we all have a responsibility to lead by example. And more than that, help developing countries develop before it`s too late. BO: [Paris] creates architecture. I was happy with that. The objectives set in Paris are far from sufficient compared to what scientists are telling us, namely that we must solve this problem. But if we can use the next 20 years to apply existing technologies, to reduce CO2 emissions, and slowly start opening the dials when new technologies are put online, and we have increasingly ambitious goals every year, then we will not completely reverse the warming that is now inevitable, but we could stop it before it becomes catastrophic… Even if someone comes in [to the White House] to deny climate science, reality has an opportunity to bang you on the nose if you don`t get into it, and I think the public is starting to recognize science, partly because it`s indisputable. It is important to recognize that even if we do – and we must – the effects of climate change will continue to increase in the coming decades as a result of past emissions from global warming. Vulnerable countries need help to deal with these effects, for which they had almost no responsibility. The United States, Europe, Japan and other developed countries should increase their financial and technical assistance to these countries, both for adjustment measures and to respond effectively to losses and damage – the cost of dealing with sudden disasters such as typhoons and floods, and slow effects such as sea level rise and drought.