Read more: Chipotle Mexican Grill reaches an agreement on adjourned lawsuits to resolve charges related to foodborne outbreaks Chipotle has agreed to pay $25 million in fines and implement a number of systematic changes to its food safety procedures. Below, we present the facts of the case, the terms of the agreement, and the important takeaways. A complaint filed today in federal court in Los Angeles accuses Chipotle of distorting food in violation of the Federal Food, Drugs and Cosmetics Act. The Newport Beach, California-based company has agreed to a three-year deferred criminal prosecution (DPA) agreement that will allow it to avoid conviction if it matches an improved food safety program. Chipotle also agreed to pay the $25 million fine, the largest ever in a food security case, under the CCA. Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) and Minnesota Department of Agriculture have reported an outbreak of Salmonella Newport among customers at 17 different Chipotle Mexican locust restaurants. The MDH Public Health Laboratory has discovered two strains of PFGE outbreaks identified as PulseNet JJPX01.0030 and JPX01.0011. A total of 92 culture-confirmed cases have been identified. Eighty-one (88%) Of the 92 cases reported that before the onset of the disease, they were assailed or probably asen at a Chipotle site. 10 (12%) Cases denied exposure to chipotle and 1% (1%) The case was secondary to a household member with exposure to Chipotle. In addition to the confirmed cases, 34 people met the definition as a probable case.

Of the 115 (81 confirmed and 34 probable cases), the onset of the disease was from August 2 to September 27. Seventeen cases were hospitalized, 18 were seen in an emergency room and 54 were treated in an ambulance. No cases died. Analysis of fall control data showed that sweet tomato salsa, carnitas and brown rice were significantly associated with diseases. Tomatoes were involved in an ingredient-specific analytical study, supported by the internal distribution information of the product provided by Chipotle. The final source of contamination (i.e. the tomato farm or the packing house) has not been determined.