The County Partnership Agreement (CPA) will guarantee an increase in salary (the minimum amount the county can spend on player salaries) and the salary cap (the maximum a county can spend on the salaries of its players), a fixed minimum wage for full-time professionals and a number of other enhanced benefits for players. All concessions were opposed to the ECB`s initial opposition. After completing the PCA district meetings before the season, some players abandoned their thoughts after understanding more information about the proposed CPA. Increased reporting with PCA to get a copy of each county contract for unparalleled coverage of the county season, subscribe to The Cricketer and get four expenses for $15 long-term financial base of English cricket gave the green light after a meeting between the Professional Cricketers Association and county officials Friday. Increased revenue for Team England Player Partnership and England Women`s Player Partnership – through separate agreements “Our annual meetings prior to the 2019 season have taken on additional importance and we were eager to discuss the intricacies of the proposed agreement with our gaming members. It is very important to make sure that the players stop, think and look at the whole thing in such a busy period with the season which is only a few days away. As Sportsmail reported earlier this week, there has been some reluctance on the part of some district teams to pay their counties with 12.5% of their salaries to participate in the 100-ball contest. In a decisive step, the PCA will receive a copy of each county contract signed to ensure that clubs meet the new $27,500 minimum wage for full-time professionals and remain above an agreed doubling of the minimum wage – the minimum amount to be spent on its players – at $1.5 million per year. Although the terms of the new multi-million pound central contracts were agreed in advance, details of how national players would be paid between 2020 and 2024, financed by the ECB`s new televised $1.1 billion agreement, were agreed only by a unanimous vote of the 18 representatives in favour of the terms of the district partnership agreement.