eDRIS is a unique point of contact for research and interconnection of health and administration data in Scotland. You should contact eDRIS by filling out the eDRIS [22Kb] application form and emailing it to phs.edris@phs.scot or writing on 0131 275 7333. Your application will be verified and you will be contacted for the next and most appropriate steps. Note: Use of a small text file created by the EDRIS website and stored on the user`s computer (cookies) 7 A project-specific account is created in a secure location and authorized data users from Cardiff University can access via their own computer via a remote secure gateway (11). The index master number allows the person analyzing the data to view and link all of a person`s records across all data sets, without the need for access to personal identifiers. Data can only be removed or transferred from the shelter when it has been verified by eDRIS. At the beginning of your study, you will be asked how long you need access to related data to perform your analyses. This should also be indicated in any request for access to the data. The active study area remains open until the end of the specified period. One month before this expiry date, your eDRIS research coordinator will contact you to verify that all data stored in the active area of the study will be archived. You can extend the time you access the data for an additional fee and your eDRIS research coordinator can discuss it with you.

The data is stored in the archive for the specified time, after which it is destroyed. The archiving period can be extended by mutual agreement. NHS Scotland believes that sanctions are only an effective deterrent if they are fully understood. It should also be clear that NHS Scotland is more focused on prevention than punishment. The eDRIS [696Kb] user agreement must be signed by each authorized user before access to the system is provided. The agreement also includes sanctions and sanctions that may be imposed for non-compliance. An example is the transfer of login data to any other user. In this case, a first offence would result in a one-year suspension of access, while a second offence would result in a permanent suspension. You can fill out an eDRIS [22Kb] application form and email it to phs.edris@phs.scot or phone 0131 275 7333 to learn about your study and use the NSS National Safe Haven.