4 Command 845-A to P 19 (highlighted in the original). MISO and Ameren also sought clarification that a transmission owner can pay liaison customers for the construction costs incurred for the facility construction option when the link customer transfers them to the transportation provider and can then charge the customer a return under a facility service agreement. The Commission rejected this request and indicated that it was a departure from the Commission`s interconnection pricing policy that was to be requested and assessed under Regulation 845 of the MISO Compliance Statement. The decision also recognized two aspects of the reform option, first, stating that Rule Building Option 845 applies to all utility providers, including those who reimburse interconnection customers for network upgrades, and second, that the ability to build does not apply to stand-alone network updates on the systems concerned. On April 19, 2018, ferc adopted a final rule (“Order No. 845”) for the review of its pro forma high-power connection procedures (“LGIP”) and the pro forma “LGIA” large-scale interconnection agreement to address reforms to generator interconnection processes and agreements for generators over 20 megawatts. Ferc adopted the majority of the reforms proposed in the COMMISSION communication of 15 December 2016 on the proposed regulation (“NOPR”). In particular, the market is consulting on two aspects of the reform to remove restrictions on the connection customer`s option, build connection facilities and carry out network upgrades needed to connect a generator to the transmission network. When Decision No. 2003 was adopted, which for the first time adopted the pro-forma LGIP and pro forma LGIA, FERC focused on interconnection issues. At the time, all utilities were required to include both documents in their open transfer rates (OATTs).

More recently, FERC focused on interconnection processes when it launched order 845 in April 2018 and adopted revisions to the pro-forma LGIP and pro forma LGIA. Order 845 approved 10 proposed changes to the generator`s connection processes. These changes are intended to improve customer safety, promote more informed interconnection decisions and improve the interconnection process. FERC then received a number of requests to reissue and/or clarify this decision. Regulation 845 added to the pro forma LGIP a language requiring the transmission provider to publish a method of identifying contingent facilities6 and to provide a list of potential facilities applicable to a connection request at the end of the system impact phase. In Regulation 845-A, the Commission rejected a request to exempt customers from interconnection from financial liability for potential facilities identified late, contrary to the principles of cost origin.