This form should be used by a landlord or tenant who has received Form 1 (released from Section 6 (2) of the Housing Act 1988) by changing the terms of a legal periodic tenancy agreement. If you`re having trouble using a form, you can try downloading it to your computer or changing your web browser settings to open the form in Adobe Reader. Landlords must use this form to seek the consent of an arbitrator for a rent increase of more than the amount specified in the rental agreement or in the rental price of the building plot and the rules associated with it. Landlords can use this form with the notification of 10 days of termination of the lease agreement for the unpaid rent or RTB-30 utilities to request a possession order and an order of money for the unpaid rent or utility company when the tenant has not paid the amount due or has not asked the rental office to revoke the termination within 5 days of receipt. Use this form if both parties agree to terminate a lease. An official may use this form to request a hearing in another format. Forms for landlords and/or tenants to propose legal actions related to leases. Landlords must use this form to inform tenants of rent increases. Form 6a and Form 6a notes have been amended to remove information that is no longer applicable. These amendments, as well as the amendments made on 29 August in form 3, Form 6a and Forming Notes 6a, were made in accordance with the new legislation which came into force on 29 August 2020 and was to be used by owners in England until 31 March 2021. This document is used to swear that the respondent or respondents were served in the event of a housing dispute. Landlords with tenants currently residing in the unit can use this form to request a dispute resolution to settle a rental agreement. On July 30, 2019, a false version of Form 6A was incorrectly downloaded.

If you downloaded the available Form 6A between July 30 and August 12, please replace it with the corrected form. If you go to court to enforce a residential lease order, be sure to use the correct forms. Owners must use this form to terminate or limit a service or establishment to a rental unit or manufactured place of residence. This form must be used by tenants if their landlord has proposed a new rent under a secure periodic rental agreement, including a secure short-term periodic rent, or to return a notice offering a new rent or a levy for a secure periodic agricultural occupancy. Landlords can use this form to provide evidence related to a direct possession order application and cash instruction for an unpaid rent or a service company. This form was to be used by a tenant with a guaranteed short-term lease agreement that began before February 28, 1997 (or for which a contract was entered into) to ask the local rent assessment committee to reduce the rent for the fixed term of the original lease.