The company is more advanced to set up other projects with its current activities of exploration and development of its remaining iron ore reserves in the Pilbara. The company`s activities have mainly focused on delineating and developing prospects from its first-class iron ore portfolio, estimated at more than 160 billion tonnes of magnetic resources, 80 km south of Dampier in the Western Australian region of Pilbara. For the first time in 60 years, the law unilaterally amended a state agreement. It relieved the state of defined obligations, nullified potential rights of appeal and verification, and excluded the principles of natural justice. All Mineralogy projects are developed under the 2002 Agreement and the Iron Ore Processing Agreement 2008 ratified by Mineralogy Pty Ltd. Mineralogy is supported by the Government of Western Australia to develop mulitple projects under these laws. The Law Society of Western Australia is the highest professional association for state lawyers. The association is a non-profit association dedicated to representing its more than 4,000 members. The company strengthens the legal profession through its position as a leader and a leading participant in law reform, access to justice and the rule of law. Society is widely recognized by the bar, government and community as the voice of the legal professions in Western Australia.

. . . The law also excluded the Freedom of Information Act, which generally allows the media and the public to increase the transparency of government actions and the ability to knowingly monitor. It is not clear why this exclusion was necessary or how this exclusion will serve the public interest. Similarly, there are only limited opportunities for the public to verify the main justification for state legislation: the declared potential liability of $30 billion. In principle, the new law has an effect on a principle on which our legal system is based. Citizens admit to being governed by the state on the basis of which the state governs according to the rule of law. The rule of law includes a number of concepts, but above all, all human beings, regardless of their status, are subject to the ordinary law of the country.

Abandoning this principle has the capacity to influence the foundation of our democracy. . The constitution of our state provides that Parliament is required to pass laws for peace, order and good government in Western Australia. The new law can be analyzed using this standard. Removing a potentially crippling liability is in the state`s interest.