The various States concerned undertake to provide the Borders Commission with all the documents necessary for their task, including authentic copies of existing or old border agreements, all existing large-format maps, geodesic data, completed but unpublished investigations, and information on changes to border waterways. Maps, geodesic data and investigations, even if they are not published and are held by the Turkish authorities, must be delivered to the President of the Commission in Constantinople with the least possible delay after this treaty enters into force. Complaints based on Articles 65, 66 and 69 must be filed with the relevant authorities within six months and, in the event of non-compliance with the Joint Court of Arbitration, within 12 months of the entry into force of this contract. The governments concerned, by appointment, appoint a secretary general for each court and each join one or more secretaries. The Secretary-General and the Secretaries are subject to the orders of the Tribunal, which, with the agreement of the governments concerned, has the power to hire anyone he or she needs. The agreements that have been or can be concluded between Greece and Turkey with regard to the exchange of the Greek and Turkish population do not apply to the inhabitants of the islands of Imbros and Tenedos. The treatment of beings originating or destined for the territories whose inhabitants benefit from the provisions of the first paragraph of this article is submitted in Turkey and, conversely, the treatment of beings originating in Turkey or destined for Turkey is regulated in these areas by mutual agreement between the French and Turkish authorities. The treaty provided for the independence of the Republic of Turkey, but also the protection of the Greek-Orthodox Christian minority in Turkey and the Muslim minority in Greece. However, the majority of Turkey`s Christian population and the Muslim population of Greece had already been expelled under the previous agreement signed by Greece and Turkey on the exchange of the Greek and Turkish population. Only the Greek Orthodox of Constantinople, Imbros and Tenedos (about 270,000 at the time) and the Muslim population of Western Thrace (about 129,120 in 1923) were excluded. [12] Article 14 of the Treaty granted the islands of Imbros (Gok√©ada) and Tenedos (Bozcaada) a “special administrative organization”, a right which the Turkish government had revoked on 17 February 1926.