Louisiana is one of the most restrictive states when it comes to legislation to regulate the practice of nurses. Although more than half of the federal population lives in federally classified areas as occupational health shortage areas, the legislature rejected attempts to change the scope of practical laws in the pelican state. In 2012, the Louisiana House of Representatives committee voted against Bill 951 of the House of Representatives, which proposed giving nurses the opportunity to practice without medical supervision. What laws govern the practical capacity of nurses in Louisiana? Louisiana State Law implies, but not quite, that nurses can be officially listed as primary care providers. PNs can sign parking cards for people with disabilities and workers must not sign a death certificate. Legislators are close friends with doctors in Louisiana and there will never be laws that favor nurses in Louisiana, until we are together as a force band and make enough noise to be heard in the legislature. The problem in Louisiana is not enough to stand up and express itself. We should be in the legislative field when tons of research demonstrating the value of empowering nurses and giving them the opportunity to practice fully in their field of activity. If PaPa has a normative authority and has a primary training site other than the PS, the PS must visit the main training site of the Palestinian Authority every week. See LAC 46:XLV.4511 (A) (5) (a). In particular, some practitioners consider the co-signature requirement and the limitation of PA monitoring to be incriminating and arbitrary and want a better balance between health care regulation and the provision of an integrated team. See Margo Pierce, frustrated dream or possible reality? Healthcare Journal of Baton Rouge, May/June 2014, 39-40 nurses in Louisiana have the authority to prescribe drugs, including controlled substances, as far as this is described in the parameters of the collaborative practice agreement. For each meeting in which the NP prescribes a drug, a historical and physical examination must be performed and documented, as well as a diagnosis.

The treatment plan should be discussed with the patient and with a follow-up plan. Prescriptions written by nurses in Louisiana must not only include the name of the NP, but also the name, address and telephone number of the cooperating physician. You must love Louisiana. Immediately after arriving in this deep southern region, you will be overwhelmed by the culture. From Cajun cuisine and jazz playing in the street to the lazy bayous, loaded alligators, the rich atmosphere of Louisiana is an atmosphere we enjoy. While Louisiana has a lot to offer in terms of culture, this atmosphere of abundance unfortunately does not extend to nurses who practice in the state.