An even more worrying obstacle is the total lack of trust between the two parties who did not negotiate the agreement face to face. Instead, Saudi negotiators have been going back and forth between them since August 20, and the signing ceremony could be the first time the parties have been in the same room since the outbreak of violence this summer. This level of trust may limit their ability to meet the document`s call for organizing under a single political and military chain of command, even with Saudi mediation. After many delays, the Hadi government and the Southern Transitional Council (STC) have signed a power-sharing agreement in Riyadh that offers the legitimacy that each of them coveted, while they may be temporarily suspending hostilities in Yemen. But the vague language of the November 5 document creates difficulties in implementation. 5. Reorganization of the armed forces in the governorates (Abyan and Lahj) under the command of the Ministry of Defence, with the same measures that were implemented in Aden province within sixty days of the signing of this agreement. For the STC, the agreement says they will participate on the government`s side in final peace negotiations with the Houthis. This is a compromise, because their ultimate goal for southern Yemen remains to separate from the North. But without international support for secession and after losing a battle on 26 August against Hadi-backed troops in the critical province of Shabwa, the STC decided it was better to get a seat at the table for final talks. In her view, this gives them legitimacy as representatives of southern aspirations and will ensure that these wishes are not marginalized. If the question of the South is kept on the table in the final discussions, it will in turn allow them to fight one more day for a referendum on secession. I congratulate the Yemeni government and the Southern Transitional Council on their agreement on the way forward.

(4) His Excellency, whom the Yemeni President appoints on the basis of the criteria of competence and integrity and in consultation, governors and security directors in the other southern governorates, within sixty days of the signing of this agreement. I thank the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the successful mediation of this agreement and for its most intense diplomatic efforts. 3. Transfer of all government forces and the Transitional Council to Aden Governorate in the camp outside Aden Governorate, set by the leadership of the legitimacy support coalition in Yemen, within 30 days of the signing of this agreement, and to lead them under approved plans and under the direct supervision of the leadership of the coalition supporting legitimacy in Yemen , with the exception of the First Presidential Protection Brigade, which is responsible for protecting the presidential palace and its surroundings and securing the movements of His Excellency, the President, and providing security protection to the leaders of the Southern Transitional Council in Aden, under the supervision of the coalition supporting legitimacy in Yemen. 1. The police forces of Aden Governorate are responsible for securing the governorate while reorganizing government forces and Transitional Council formations according to needs and security plan, selecting their elements based on competence and professionalism and work on their training, and being linked to the head of security of the governorate and numbered as the security forces of the Ministry of the Interior. 30 days after this agreement is signed.