Even those who say they don`t like him will probably vote “yes,” Yakim said. The interim agreement has been a hot topic on social media among union members, some of whom are bordering on harassment between people with opposing views, Yakim said. “A lot of people say a lot of things, but their portfolios dictate a lot of what they`re going to do, and that`s a great deal,” Yakim said. “But I have a chip on my shoulder above what happened (in Lordstown).” The union said the Ford deal includes a promise of investments that will create or save more than 8,500 jobs. The ratification information meetings and votes will take place from Saturday, October 19, until Friday, October 25, 2019. Members must contact their local ATUs for meeting and voting dates and times. Estrada said the deal reflected the strength of FCA`s profits in North America. However, majorities were voted in favour of the 2019 agreement on six of the UAW`s smallest residents representing Ford workers. Members of Local 245 in Dearborn, Local 931 in Allen Park, Local 898 in Ypsilanti, Local 897 in Buffalo, Local 3036 in Memphis and Local 3519 in Winchester, Virginia, voted in favor of ratifying the interim agreement. Most of them voted by a majority of more than 60%. Under the proposed agreement, employees of General Motors Components Holding (GMCH), a sub-division of GM, will earn $6 less per hour than workers at other GM plants. Under the preliminary agreement, operators in Rochester, one of the four GMCH plants, will limit their maximum hourly wages to $23 per hour, $5 less per hour than gmCH employees prior to the 2009 auto rescue. The automaker and the union are close to reaching a preliminary agreement that includes $9,000 in signing bonuses equal to what Ford has agreed to pay for senior workers, Bloomberg reported.

Members of UAW Local 551 in Chicago voted “no” for 60% of the vote. About half of the more than 5,000 workers represented by this resident did not vote. A joint interim agreement, with no guarantees against outsourcing, has pushed some workers to fight the pact instead of ratifying it. However, this language contains loopholes that management could exploit. Under the provisional agreement, all GM temporary workers who work more than three uninterrupted years without a work interruption of more than 30 days will be appointed permanent employees from January 2020. After 2021, all temporary workers with more than two years of uninterrupted service without a break of more than 30 days become permanent employees. Nevertheless, some members stated that they intended to vote “no” to the first contract submitted to them, regardless of what it contains. Others told The Detroit News that the interim agreement was attractive, if only for the dollar amounts associated with it. Here is a sample of when some locals vote based on their sites: The UAW plans to continue a strike against GM until at least the evening of October 25, when it will vote for the contract. The delay will cost both sides millions of dollars until UAW leaders sell members on a proposed contract, some of whom are dissatisfied, economists said. The mood of Avery`s staff on the picket line on Wednesday was ecstatic shortly after the provisional agreement was announced.

Although the interim agreement is being considered by UAW-GM, among others, by more than 48,000 members, the strike lasts up to 16.m on Friday. Each additional strike day costs GM, suppliers, the local economy and striking members tens of millions. Wage increases, health protection and changes for temporary workers are good in the preliminary agreement, Yakim said, but without a guaranteed product allowance, it won`t matter. But a local UAW chief said the agreement had covered workers for the next four years and that it was “the best deal that negotiators could get at this stage.” He refused to be identified because he does not have the authority to speak about the union.